Established to educate children of west Putnam County and surrounding communities, Melrose High School began in 1882 as a wooden building on Wynwood Street.

In 1927, the school moved to its current location at the intersection of State Roads 21 and 26 when Putnam County constructed a new wooden building with a stucco exterior finish to service grades 1 through 12. Wood from the 1882 school building was used in the construction of the new gymnasium.

Fire damaged the school in 1945 and the Board of Public Instruction devised a plan to keep children from missing school days. Classes for the 1st and 2nd graders were held in Melrose Methodist Church, 3rd and 4th in Trinity Episcopal Church's Boy Scout Hut, and the 5th and 6th at the Women’s Club. Classes for grades 7 through 12 were held in the Eliam Baptist Church basement. It took one and a half years to rebuild the school using plans from the original 1927 building.

During World War II, a few students left to serve in the military.

The last senior class graduated in 1968, after which grades 6 through 12 were moved to Interlachen, Florida.  

From that point forward, the campus has served as home to Melrose Elementary School. The facility has seen additions over the years to accommodate the growing community, with two classroom wings opening in 1995 and a new administration suite and media center added in 2004.

The school currently serves students from Pre-K through 6th grade and consistently maintains a high standard of academic excellence thanks to the dedicated staff, students, parents, and community support.